JerseyClicks – Updates for Library Directors and Staff Members


Announcement of statewide resources effective July 1, 2019

The process used this year was similar to years past.

  • An invitation was sent out widely to the New Jersey library community (all types of libraries) to ask for their participation on a Database Advisory Committee;
  • An RFQ was sent to all vendors currently used for statewide products as well as vendors suggested by the Database Advisory Committee, which resulted in seventeen vendors responding (as opposed to nine vendors in the 2016 solicitation);
  • The Database Advisory Committee met to discuss the vendors, products and prices offered. Some members of the committee also took copies of vendor RFQs back to their library  in order to better understand the products offered, the prices and the audience for the product, among other factors;
  • A survey was sent to the New Jersey library community regarding e-resource importance. Over 500 responses were received and the results were shared with the Committee;
  • The Committee met a second time to make final recommendations to the State Librarian and those members who filled out a review form turned them in to the Deputy State Librarian at that time;
  • The Deputy State Librarian for Library Support Services negotiated with the recommended vendors for their best and final offer (BAFO).

The resources selected are as follows:

Ebsco suite of resources identical to the previous three years, including Rosetta Stone and Job and Career Accelerator

ProQuest’s Heritage Quest genealogy resource


Should the State Library receive additional funding in this or subsequent years a new Database Advisory Committee will be convened to review vendor offerings.

Electronic resources provided to New Jersey’s libraries by the New Jersey State Library and the Institute for Museum and Library Services.

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