Supporting Business Owners at Your Local Library

For over 18 years, the New Jersey State Library has supported the information needs of business owners and entrepreneurs across the state.

After all, when it comes to making important business decisions, it is crucial to have the right information. Business owners who are not taking advantage of locate new markets, and build prospecting lists are missing opportunities to grow.

On July 1, 2019, the contracts for statewide resources provided through the State Library’s online portal,, were renewed, ensuring businesses can continue to take advantage of ReferenceUSA, Business Source Elite, Rosetta Stone, and other research tools., paid for with federal funds from the Institute of Museum and Library Services, is a collection of twenty-two databases covering thirteen subjects available to New Jersey residents with a State Library or public library card. Use of these resources is available at no additional cost to the user.

With a library card, business owners can use ReferenceUSA, a prospect management tool, to nationwide, including over 1.3 million in New Jersey and an additional 5 million in Pennsylvania, New York, and Delaware.

Infogroup, the parent company of ReferenceUSA, is a mass information compiler of business and consumer information. Infogroup aggregates business data from press articles, and news feeds, as well as web mining and internet research. Research staff then verify and audit the information provided in ReferenceUSA to ensure that information is accurate before being released to the public.

owners who cannot afford to purchase these lists from the state or private sources. In addition to building client lists, the tool can be used to conduct market research, competitive analysis, and direct mail marketing outreach. ReferenceUSA has also introduced a new social media feature, which allows different social platforms.

ReferenceUSA is only one piece of the help libraries offer. Other resources cover a variety of business topics and sources.

Business Source Elite provides full-text coverage of scholarly business, management and economics journals.

Small Business Reference Center offers a wide variety of information on small business and entrepreneurial subject areas, common business types, and business plans that lead to successful funding. It also offers a demographic data and other local information.

Individual libraries may offer additional resources and information for business owners in their communities, such as tools for researching industry trends, writing business plans, and learning languages or other skills. In fact, also offers Rosetta Stone, the language learning product. Rosetta Stone‘s immersion method for learning foreign languages includes thirty languages to meet a range of cultural interests with core lessons to build reading, writing, speaking and listening skills.

To access all of this information and more, patrons can visit or their local library website any of these resources, business owners should contact their local library reference department and keep an eye out for training opportunities throughout the state.

The New Jersey State Library has prioritized the economic development of the state through business services and, most importantly, key information to inform decision-makers. Yes, Google does provide millions of results, but the resources in libraries include quality information that is so valuable, companies keep it behind a paywall. Libraries their entire communities and do so at a cost far below what each beneficiary would pay out of pocket.