My Audiobook Addiction

image of audio of title Carter Finally Gets ItMy name is Sharon and Im an addict. Im totally addicted to audiobooks. This wasnt always the case but now that I have a long commute, Ive found I cant NOT listen to an audiobook whenever Im driving anywhere. One of the things Im very excited about is the fact that again this summer SYNC is offering free Young Adult & Classic audiobook downloads from May 30 to August 15 to introduce the listening experience to young readers or to YA librarians like me who love YA books and the classics. For some reason, I missed this opportunity to do this the past years theyve offered it.  Im really happy I received an email this summer alerting me in time about this great program.  Heres the link to the scheduled list of available audio books You only have a week to download the current selection using Overdrive, but once you do, you can keep them indefinitely. SYNC also offers a toolkit for librarians and educators that includes sound clips, posters, and covers of the titles advertising a particular weeks titles.

Some of my favorite audio book narrators are represented here like Nick Podehl (narrator of Patrick Nesss Chaos Walking Series, particularly The Knife of Never Letting Go, and will grayson, will grayson by John Green and David Levithan, both 2011 Odyssey Honor winners) , Katherine Kellgren (narrator of all the terrific Bloody Jack titles by L. A. Meyer, 2013 Odyssey Honor winner for Monstrous Beauty; 2011 Odyssey Honor winner for Alchemy and Meggy Swann by Karen Cushman and so many more)  and Kirby Heyborne (Scowler by Daniel Kraus, as well as his Rotters, 2012 Odyssey Award winner). The book Nick Podehl narrated is Carter Finally Gets It by Brent Crawford. Its a very funny look at teenager Carter and all the embarrassing situations he finds himself in as he tries to fit into his first year of HS while trying not to lose face in the eyes of his boys. His attempts to be a jock arent always successful but he tries really hard. One of my favorite parts of the book is the scene where he drives a drunken Nick and drunken sister home from a party in Nicks truck with a bunch of other guys passed out in the cab even though he doesnt know how to drive. Somewhere along the way he loses all the guys out of the back and the truck ends up in his backyard after he takes out a fence and other lawn ornaments in the process. I laughed throughout the book so much I almost cried. Check out Nick talking about recording the character of Carter from Carter Finally Gets It by Brent Crawford here:

I have to admit that, so far, Ive only listened to the YA titles and not the classics, although Im looking forward to listening to this weeks classic of Oliver Twist read by Simon Vance because I love him. I dont think I would have read the Dragon Tattoo series if it hadnt been for the fact that Simon did the narration of the books. He made all the Swedish character names easy to pronounce and to distinguish from one another. Im sure he could make a phone book sound exciting! Even though Ive read a number of these in their print versions, Im finding its a whole different experience listening to them. Katherine Kellgrens narration of children raised by wolves and how as the kids talk they sound like wolves in the book The Mysterious Howling: The Incorrigible Children of Ashton Place, Book 1 is even better here than when I first read it. I just wish SYNC made this program available all year around.

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Sharon Rawlins is the Youth Services Specialist in Lifelong Learning at the New Jersey State Library. She's a children's and teen librarian responsible for providing consulting assistance to the youth services librarians in public and school libraries in NJ.