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The August new books list is out.

1454549160-1454549160_goodreads_miscThanks to everyone who attended the webinar held on June 24, 2016 about Goodreads!

The webinar covered what Goodreads is – it’s a social networking site for people who love to read, and a convenient place to track and review books (and audiobooks) that you’re reading, have read, or want to read.

The webinar was recorded, and you can find that recording here:

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Some of the many features we covered were setting up an account, adding titles we’re reading or have read to our shelves, and finding friends.

There were a few questions asked during the course of the webinar that I was unable to address at that time; specifically,  an attendee asked that now that Amazon owns the Goodreads website, have I found that Amazon sends me e-mail or recommends titles that I’ve look at on Goodreads? Personally, I haven’t, but I’ve also gone into Goodreads under “Account Settings,” then to “Email Settings,” and changed my preferences so that I don’t receive a lot of promotional e-mail from Goodreads. I’ve done the same thing with Amazon – “Your Account,” and then “Message Center,” so I haven’t received anything from Amazon that wasn’t an order or shipping confirmation. Having said that, I have no idea what type of data Amazon is tracking with Goodreads, or what they are doing with it. You do have the option to add titles to Goodreads that you’ve purchased at Amazon, but that’s an optional step, and not necessary if you’re not interested in linking up those two sites.

There were also a few things I’d forgotten to mention that I really wanted to point out. For instance, if you head over to the NJSL Goodreads page, you can take a look at our bookshelves – all of those titles are in the Recent Fiction collection on the third floor. I add them to the shelf as they arrive in the library, so it’s a fairly accurate reflection of the collection’s recent acquisitions. You can see them all here:

New Books in Recent Fiction at the New Jersey State Library.

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