EBSCO Offers Free Access to NJ Libraries Through June

Computer showing the Foundation Directory Online Professional database

As the library community adjusts to the impact of the COVID-19 virus, the team at  EBSCO is looking to ensure end users have access to an expanded breadth of online content. Many college, university and K-12 students will be completing the current academic term entirely online. To assist with this initiative, EBSCO would like to make the following e-book collections available to all libraries in New Jersey as a courtesy. These resources will bring tens of thousands of journals & e-book titles into each library’s collection, all available in unlimited format so there is no concern that users would have difficulty accessing the content simultaneously. To ensure that end users have access to expanded content as they conduct research remotely, EBSCO would like to offer this courtesy access through the end of June. In accordance with the rapid changes we are experiencing with COVID-19, as a community, we will monitor the situation and make adjustments as needed.

Some additional messages EBSCO has shared with the library community include providing access to Open Educational Resources for use in classroom teaching, working with e-book publishers to lift sim user restrictions on previously purchased content (right now there are at 300+ publishers and growing) and also hosting webinars to assist librarians as they support their institutions: EBSCO Global Webinar Series: Supporting Your Institutions as They Move Online.  Additional information & resources will be made available in the coming days like this school and public library resource page.