Librarian’s Disaster Planning and Community Resiliency Guidebook and Workbook

September 2015, marks the 12th annual National Preparedness Month, sponsored by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) in the US Department of Homeland Security. One goal of Homeland Security is to educate the public about how to prepare for emergencies, including natural disasters, mass casualties, biological and chemical threats, radiation emergencies, and terrorist attacks.

Would you be ready if there were an emergency? Would your library? Be prepared: assemble an emergency supply kit, make your emergency plans, stay informed, and get involved in helping your family, your library, and your community be ready for emergencies.

PrepareAthon! is a grassroots campaign by FEMA for action to increase community preparedness and resilience. With that goal in mind, the New Jersey State Library commissioned the Librarian’s Disaster Planning and Community Resiliency Guidebook and Workbook to help libraries in New Jersey and across the country to be better prepared to accept the new mantle of responsibility being thrust on them as a safe haven in times of crises. First, these new resources will help make your library more resilient so that you can return to operations quickly. Second, we have provided guidance on how libraries can help speed the recovery of their community, and are key contributors to a resilient community.

For further information contact: Michele Stricker, Deputy State Librarian for Lifelong Learning at

Join others around the country to practice your preparedness!