Surprising Things About Borrowing Books from TBBC

Books the way you want them!  Do you want 1 or 8 or 10 books on your cartridge? Just let us know! If you want more than 8 books on one cartridge, we can do that!  The mailing card with the cartridge will only have the first 8 books on the cartridge listed.

No wait for audiobooks!  If TBBC has the audiobook you want, there is never a wait for that book!  We create a cartridge just for you.

We know books get lost.  We mail books to you; you mail books back.  Sometimes, books get lost.  We know that happens, and it’s OK!  If you asked for books you never got, just call us and we will resend.  If it’s
been a while since you got any new books from us, it may be because we never got the books you returned.  Call us and we’ll fix your record and send more books.

We have an email!  You can always email us the list of books you want; by DB number, by author, by title!  Whatever is easiest for you.  Just send us your list, and include your name, to:

We don’t know you moved.  Have you moved?  Does TBBC have your right address?  Contact us to make sure we have your most up to date address, phone number and email.