The Librarian’s Disaster Planning and Community Resiliency Workshop Series

Evesham Library - After Superstorm Sandy

Librarians Fulfilling Their Role as Information First Responders

The New Jersey State Library commissioned the Librarian’s Disaster Planning and Community Resiliency Guidebook and Workbook to help libraries in New Jersey and across the country to be better prepared to accept the new mantle of responsibility being thrust on them as a safe haven in times of crises. These new resources will help make your library more resilient so that you can return to operations quickly. We have provided guidance on how libraries can help speed the recovery of their community, and are key contributors to a resilient community.
Evesham Library - After Superstorm Sandy
Thanks to a grant from PSE&G, the New Jersey State Library is pleased to offer 9 training workshops based on this new resource developed for librarians to help their community after a disaster.

Training Workshops will:

-Step the library staff through the development of a disaster recovery plan for their facility.

-Explain when and how to use the various checklists, and other tools included in the kit to prepare for future disasters.

-Help with budgeting for preparedness so that funding for needed resources will be available.

-Allow the library staff to develop a strategy for dealing with the operational challenges that will arise   while providing services to the public in the midst of – or shortly after a disaster.

-Assist in setting proper expectations with management, local officials, and the library staff as to how the crisis will unfold and what may be asked of them during an extended disaster.

Additionally, library staff will learn:

  • Learn and use tools and strategies for leading the effort to improve readiness at their library
  • Recognize the valuable roles librarians play in disaster management
  • Confidently and competently develop relationships with emergency management that will lead to a seat at the table before, during, and after a disaster

Workshop Dates and Venues

  • Sept 19:  Montville Township Public Library
  • Sept 20:  Livingston Public Library
  • Sept 21:  Wyckoff Public Library

Time: 9:00-4:00 (Registration 9:00-9:30)

Registration is limited to 35 per workshop

Cost: $25 (to cover continental breakfast & lunch)

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