The Pork Roll Cookbook by Jenna Pizzi & Susan Sprague Yeske

The Mid-Atlantic Treat

The Pork Roll CookbookNo other food-product is associated with New Jersey in quite the same way as the infamous processed pork product
known as pork roll, (sometime referred to as “taylor ham” by the misinformed).

With writing by the former Trenton Times/ reporter Jenna Pizzi and recipes by Trenton-based food writer Susan Sprague Yeske the Pork Roll Cookbook is an excellent, if somewhat heartburn-inducing read.  It describes a detailed history of pork roll from its inception over 150 years ago to today. It also includes almost 50 unique recipes using pork roll as an ingredient.


Pork Roll Through the Ages

pork roll

The first half of the Pork Roll cookbook goes into depth about the origins of the tasty processed meat hailing from Trenton, New Jersey. It covers the history of the two most famous businesses that still produce Pork Roll to this day: Taylor Provision Company and Case’s Pork Roll.

The entire book contains many historical images of the key players in involved with the history of Pork Roll as well as other historical New Jersey scenes.  You can learn more about the recently created Pork Roll Festivals held annually in Trenton, New Jersey as well as times in the past when pork roll has appeared in popular culture.

Pork Roll Recipes

The last portion of the book covers recipes all involving pork roll. Recipes covering every meal are featured including soups, hors d’oeuvres, sandwiches, casseroles, and main dishes. Recipes and anecdotes from famous New Jersey chefs are also incorporated.

Some of my favorite recipes include:

  • Deviled Eggs with Pork Roll pg. 46

  • Trenton-Style Spaghetti A La Carbonara pg. 102

  • Pork Roll Fried Rice pg.122

If you are in the mood to pig-out on pork roll history and recipes then place a hold today on The Pork Roll Cookbook by Jenna Pizzi with recipes by Susan Sprague Yeske.

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This book can be checked out from the Jerseyana Collection located on the fourth floor of the New Jersey State Library. The Jerseyana Collection contains a wide variety of books covering New Jersey-related topics.  You can find books covering the history of your local town, current/former NJ politicians, and even infamous NJ characters such as Tony Soprano and Snooki.  Some items have even been digitized and put online on the State Library’s Digital Jerseyana Collection.

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