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Since 1875 the New Jersey State Library has been the primary depository for official publications of state government that are intended for public distribution and is governed by N.J.S.A 52:14-25.1.  Official publications include departmental annual reports, statistical reports, transcripts of legislative hearings, and special studies from the early part of the nineteenth century to the present. However, all strictly legal materials, e.g., Laws of New Jersey, court decisions, administrative regulations, are in the Law Library.

Most of the collection is now in one area and open for direct public access. “Dead” periodicals and some infrequently used materials are housed elsewhere in the building, and can be retrieved for you within a few minutes. Publications can be identified by author, title, subject and call number in the online catalog.

Collection Policy

The State Library normally has three copies of each item (though we only receive single copies of some items). The first copy is a reference copy for use in the building only. The other copies are usually available for circulation, either directly or via interlibrary loan.

What is a Publication?

State publications are defined as public documents appearing as reports, directories, statistical compendiums, bibliographies, newsletters, bulletins, state plans, brochures, periodicals, committee minutes, transcripts of public hearings, maps and other documents produced for the public. It does not include internal memos, administrative or training materials used only within an agency.

Benefits of the Program

  • Provides long-term public access to agency publications. Each day lawyers, judges, and researchers use the materials that the State Library has collected over many decades. We can ensure that a department’s publications will be available for future historians, lawyers and researchers.
  • Make users aware of your publication. Once we have added your publication to our catalog we will include it on our depository shipping list which is sent to libraries within the state.  All of our cataloged publications are included in a statewide library database (JerseyCat) and an international database of library holdings (OCLC); both provide the convenience of subject searching.

How to Submit Your Agency’s Publication

There are three ways to submit your publications to the New Jersey State Library:

  • If you would like to deliver your paper publications to the State Library in person bring them to 185 W. State St., Trenton. We’re located between the Annex and the State Museum. Publications go to Level 4 or can be left at the Circulation Desk on Level 3.
  • To submit documents by interoffice mail or regular mail send them to New Jersey State Library, PO Box 520, Trenton, NJ 08625-0520.  Attn: New Jersey Publications.
  • If your publication exists only as a digital document please send us an e-mail at Include the URL and the title and publication date.

Digital or “Web Only” Documents

After submission to our e-mail address your e-document will be saved to our digital archive (the New Jersey State Publications Digital Library) and cataloged. The cataloging record includes a link to the electronic document.


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