Help with Database Access

If you are having trouble gaining remote access to a database try these:

If you receive the message “Authentication failed due to insufficient credentials” or are prompted for a user name and password when trying to access EBSCO databases:

  • Be sure you are using a valid barcode and have entered it without spaces. If so, the software on your computer is interfering with the authentication. This is caused by cookie-blockers, firewalls, toolbars, pop-up blockers or spyware/adware software.
  • If you are using a personal firewall, refer to your product’s manual or website for information on how to allow header information to pass for certain sites. Then configure the application for the database you are trying to use or temporarily disable the application while you access the database.
  • Add the State Library to your trusted sites list:
    Tools>Internet Options>Security Tab>Trusted Sites>Sites Button>Add *

If you get a “Change in IP address” error message while searching an EBSCO database, you need to set your browser to allow cookies for the domain.