New Jersey Administrative Law

New Jersey Administrative Code
New Jersey Register (1969-1995)
New Jersey Register  (1995-present)
New Jersey Administrative Reports (First Series), 1979-1991
Administrative Law Decisions via Rutgers dating from October 1997
Rutgers Web Page on New Jersey Administrative Decisions

Decisions of Individual Agencies

Board of Medical Examiners
Disciplinary Actions

Department of Education
School Law Decisions
Commissioner Decisions

Council on Local Mandates
Written Decisions

Department of Banking and Insurance
Insurance Enforcement Activity
(also Administrative Law Decisions via Rutgers.)

Civil Service Commission
Notable Decisions
Digest of Notable Decisions
(also Administrative Law Decisions via Rutgers.)
Merit System Reporter (a digest of notable Merit System decisions)

Election Law Enforcement Commission
Advisory Opinions
(also Administrative Law Decisions via Rutgers.)

Government Records Council
Advisory Opinions
(also Administrative Law Decisions via Rutgers.)

New Jersey Public Employment Relations Commission
PERC Decisions
Synopses of Recent Decisions
PERC “Other Agency” Decisions
Includes Appeals Board (ABD) Decisions,
Director of Representation (DR) Decisions,
Director of Unfair Practices (DUP) Decisions,
Executive Director (ED) Decisions,
Hearing Examiner (HE) Decisions,
Hearing Officer (HO) Decisions,
Interim Relief (IR) Decisions,
Litigation Alternative Program (LD) Decisions, and
Payroll Deduction Determinations (PDD) Decisions.
Interest Arbitration Awards
(also Administrative Law Decisions via Rutgers.)

Office of the Attorney General, Division of Civil Rights
Director’s Orders

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New Jersey Worker’s Compensation Forms and Publications