Runaway Slave Notices (1772-1781)

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Thirty Dollars Reward.

RUN-AWAY from the subscriber, living at Connecticut Farms, near Elizabeth-Town, New Jersey, the l3th of March, a negro man named BRET: He is the same fellow the Salmons have had at Weyoming for three years past; is stout and well made, near 6 feet high, about 33 years old: Had on when he went away, a red great coat half worn, a blue coat and a Kersey jacket of the same colour, with flat white metal buttons, buckskin breeches, and black and white stockings. He can read and write, and ’tis supposed will forge a pass. Whoever takes up and secures the said fellow in either Philadelphia or Easton goal so that his master may get him again, shall have the above reward, and all reasonable charges for bringing him to the subscriber. . .’Tis probable he may endeavour to get to the Mississippi; and in case taken there, and sent to New York, the above reward will be paid by Hugh Gaine…. If apprehended, unless well secured, he will endeavour to make his escape, being strong and very artful. Those that harbour said fellow, may depend on being prosecuted by


The New-York Gazette; and The Weekly Mercury, No. 1124, May 10, 1773.



RUN-away from Samuel Ogden, of Boontown, in the County of Morris, and Province of New- Jersey, on Sunday the 18th of October last: A Negro Man named Mingo or Tim, he is about 30 years of Age, has a Scar either on his Nose or on one of his Cheeks; is about 5 feet 7 or 8 Inches high, plays on the Violin, speaks good Dutch and English, and is much addicted to Strong drink: Had on when he went away a dark brown broad cloth Coat, with brass Philadelphia buttons, a brown broad cloth waist-coat, with basket mohair Buttons, a Pair of red coating Trowsers, a ozenbrig Shirt and wool Hat. He was formerly the property of Isaac Wilkins, Esq; of West-Chester, about which Place it is not unlikely he may be lurking. Whoever apprehends said Negro and returns him to his master, or secures him in any of his Majesty’s goals, shall be paid the above Reward, and all reasonable charges by




RUN AWAY from the subscriber on Saturday last, the 26th instant, a Negro Man named Peter, about twenty years of age, about 5 feet high, a clumsey looking fellow, stoops a little in his walk. Had on and took with him, a light coloured wilton coatee, a red napditto, a clouded knit waistcoat, light coloured jean breeches with silk garters, black plush ditto, almost new shoes, clouded stockings, check shirt, plated buckles, an old beaver hat, and other articles. As he is a cunning artful fellow will endeavor to pass for a free man, he has a mother living in Trentown, a free woman named Violet, and it is likely he is gone that way. Whoever apprehends and secures said Negroe in any of his Majesty’s goals so that his master may have him again, shall have the above reward, and reasonable charges if brought home, paid by

N.B. All masters of vessels and others are forbid to harbour or carry off said Negro at their peril.



RUN-AWAY from the subscribers, living in Hopewell township, Hunterdon county, and province of New Jersey, on Sunday evening last, the 13th inst. three Negro men, viz. BONTURAH, by trade a shoemaker, 27 years of age, and a well-set fellow: Had on and took with him, a suit of black clothes, a brown silk camblet coat, three linen shirts, good shoes and stockings. The second named JACK, 23 years old, and exceeds the others in stoutness: Had on and took with him a yellowish brown close bodied coat, a vest, the fore parts calf-skin, with the hair on, new buckskin breeches, a new felt hat, good shoes and stockings. The third named FRANK, 19 years old: Had on and took with him, a green sagathy coat, a light coloured cut velvet vest, two striped Holland jackets, a brown coat, a red great coat, a pair of leather breeches, three shirts, the one ruffled, a pair of tow trowsers, a new castor hat, good shoes and stockings. They are all this country born, each near 5 feet 6 inches high, of the blackest kind, and as they can read, it is supposed they have passes, which the subscribers desire to have secured, with them. The one has a wife in Philadelphia. They took with them a fearnought great coat, Whoever takes up and secures said Negroes in any of his Majesty’s goals, so that their masters may have them again, shall have the above reward, or TEN DOLLARS for either, and reasonable charges, paid by SAMUEL STOUT, sen. BENJAMIN STOUTjun. and SAMUEL STOUT, jun. or by THOMAS SHIELDS, in Philadelphia.

The Pennsylvania Journal, No. 1593, June 16,1773.



RUN away from the subscriber, living at Great Egg Harbour, in Gloucester county, West New Jersey, on the 20th of March, a certain negroe man, called PERO, about 28 years old, five feet eight inches high, hobbles in his walk, his left foot having been froze, the great toe of which is considerably shorter than the other; had on and took with him, a blue duffil great coat, cotton striped underjacket, one pair of grey nap trowsers, and one pair of white swanskin ditto, much worn, speaks broken English. Whoever takes up said negroe and secures him in any of his Majesty’s gaols, so that his master may have him again, shall receive the reward, and reasonable charges, paid by

-Newcastle Gaol, April 28, 1773


Ten Dollars Reward,

RUN-away last Thursday from the Subscriber, at Newark, a certain Negro Fellow named Jack, about 25 years old, a square well-built Fellow, pretty black, Guiney born, and spoke bad English: He took with him several Sorts of Cloths, his Master’s Gun, and a Grenadier’s Sword, with Brass Mountings: He is supposed to have had on a good Beaver Hat cocked in the Fashion, a light coloured fine Cloth.jacket, without Sleeves, and may wear a Blanket Coat, he has a Scar right down his Forehead to his Nose, his country Mark, can handle a File, and understands the Brass Founder’s Business. Whoever takes up the said Fellow, and delivers him to Mrs. Wilkins, near Ogden’s Furnace, in Newark, shall have the above reward; or in New-York, to


-New York Gazette and Weekly Mercury, June 25, 1776.


From the subscribers last night,

A Negro named Joe, and a Negro Woman named Hester: the man is about five feet six or seven inches high, well set, full faced, of an open countenance, was formerly a servant to a British officer, speaks the German language well; had on and took with him a brown great coat badly dyed, white pewter buttons with the letters U.S.A. in a cypher, a great coat with red cuffs and cape and yellow buttons, white jacket and leather breeches, a pair of boots and a pair of shoes, two or three pair of stockings, and two or three shirts. The wench is small though well made, and has a lively eye, being bred in Carolina has the manners of the West India slaves; she had on a red striped linsey short gown and petticoat and took with her a dark brown cloak and sundry other clothes. Whoever takes up and secures the above Negroes shall receive Six Spanish milled dollars each, and reasonable charges.



Trenton, Jan. 8, 1781


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