Bureau of Statistics of Labor and Industries Reports, 1878-1917

These annual reports were digitized through a grant from the New Jersey Historical Commission to the Documents Association of New Jersey, 2005.

A precursor of the Dept. of Labor, the New Jersey Bureau of Statistics was established in 1878 to prepare statistics on the industries of New Jersey so that the state might fully develop its manufacturing and industries, create wealth for the benefit of all classes, advance the material interests of the state and its workers, and seek progressive industrial legislation.

New Jersey was the 5th state to establish a Bureau of Statistics. These state bureaus are vital to the understanding of early industry and work in America as there was no federal bureau of statistics until 1902. Through narrative and statistics this collection tells a story, year by year, of the rising and declining fortunes of various industries and their employees in New Jersey.

Each annual report contains both statistics and essays. A unique aspect of the reports is that of the “open-ended queries” asked of both employers and employees to questions about the equitable sharing of profits, the use of convict labor and the establishment of an eight hour work day.

These reports are offered as searchable PDFs scanned at a resolution of 300dpi. The tables of contents are offered as bookmarks to aid navigation. These reports are also offered through the DANJ web site and the New Jersey Digital Highway which also houses the archival TIFF images.

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