New Jersey’s Revolutionary Experience

Battles and Skirmishes of the American Revolution

A series of twenty-eight now out-of-print pamphlets published by the New Jersey Historical Commission to commemorate the Bicentennial of the American Revolution. The pamphlets explore New Jersey history at the time of the Revolution, by either  looking at New Jersey’s contribution to the Revolution or by studying some aspect of life in New Jersey during that time period.

  1. The Press in Revolutionary New Jersey
  2. The Mapping of New Jersey in the American Revolution
  3. Morristown: A Crucible of the American Revolution
  4. The Cultural Geography of Eighteenth Century New Jersey
  5. The New Jersey Soldier
  6. New Jersey’s Five Who Signed
  7. The Road to Revolution
  8. The Battle of Springfield
  9. New Jersey’s Revolutionary Economy
  10. The Religious Issue in Revolutionary New Jersey
  11. The Music of Eighteenth Century New Jersey
  12. Medicine in Revolutionary New Jersey
  13. William Franklin: New Jersey’s Last Royal Governor
  14. Blacks in the Revolutionary Era
  15. The Constitution of 1776
  16. The Revolutionary Struggle in New Jersey, 1776-1783
  17. New Jersey Society in the Revolutionary Era
  18. Elias Boudinot
  19. New Jersey’s Whigs
  20. New Jersey’s Loyalists
  21. William Livingston: New Jersey’s First Governor
  22. The Christmas Campaign: The Ten Days of Trenton and Princeton
  23. The Fine and the Useful Arts in New Jersey, 1750-1800
  24. Education in New Jersey in the Revolutionary Era
  25. The Battle of Monmouth
  26. Fortunes of War: New Jersey Women and the American Revolution
  27. Teachers’ Guide: Secondary (complete pamphlet)
  28. Teachers’ Guide: Elementary (complete pamphlet)

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