New Jersey State Library Digital Collections

The New Jersey State Library Digital Collections include

Digital Preservation

The State Library Digital Collection is built upon the DSpace platform.  DSpace was developed by MIT and Hewlett Packard as a  way to manage and preserve digital assets for the long-term.  DSpace is an open source (free) software package and is used by thousands of universities, libraries and governments worldwide.

What Types of Publication Should Be Submitted

Reports, directories, statistical compendiums, bibliographies, newsletters, bulletins, state plans, brochures, periodicals, committee minutes, transcripts of public hearings, maps. We do not need letters, memos and internal or administrative documents used within a department.


State publications are commonly produced in PDF however DSpace accepts many file types (see a list here) including Word, Excel,  jpeg, and plain text files. DSpace can also store datasets (though we haven’t done this yet so if you have datasets you need stored please contact us).

The Revised Depository Law

Governor Christie signed into law a revision of the state publication repository program (N.J.S.A. 52:14-25.1 and 52:14-25.2) . Removed is the requirement that each department and agency  submit 75 paper copies of a publication to the State Library. The revised law is significantly updated for the digital era and requires that:

  1. All departments and agencies, commissions etc. submit a digital copy of their publications to the New Jersey State Library; and
  2. Submit a paper print-out of the publication if it exists only digitally OR submit six paper copies if print copies are available.
  3. Assign one person within the department to act as a liaison to the State Library.

For more information on the depository program (including information on paper copies) click here.


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