Resolving Conflict in the Workplace Program Recap

Thank you to Linda Stamato and Sandy Jaffe from the Edward J. Bloustein School of Planning and Public Policy, Center for Negotiation and Conflict Resolution for an interactive session on negotiation and its impact on all parties involved.  Negotiation is an art and there are many ways to approach a situation requiring an outcome between two or more disputed parties.  Negotiations take place in many settings and not infrequently, when agreements can not be reached, and a decision is needed, parties may turn to mediation for assistance with their negotiation, or, if further negotiation is not desired, they may turn to arbitration for a third-party-imposed decision which they agree to be binding.  Arbitration seeks to use a single authority to determine the outcome of dispute, such as a judge or supervisor/boss who makes a final decision.  Mediation aims at taking a more holistic approach to negotiation by determining not only why the parties are in a dispute, but what their interests are and what they hope to gain at the outcome.  Mediation serves to guide the parties to a mutually beneficial decision that creates a framework for future issues/problems to be resolved.  There are six things you are looking to do in any negotiation:

  1. Pursue an interest-based approach
  2. Frame the issues for constructive negotiation and management of differences
  3. Use objective criteria
  4. Generate options
  5. Develop a sense of the realities, such as what you’ll do if you don’t successfully negotiate
  6. Understand the value of relationships in negotiations

Successful negotiators do four core things:

  1. Ask questions
  2. Test for understanding to suggest you have listened to/heard all parties involved
  3. Provide reasons to substantiate statements and positions
  4. Label/Preface with constructive phrases

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