Services for Libraries

The State Library’s library development units provide support for the growth and evolution of services and expertise designed to meet the needs of today’s and tomorrow’s customers across the diverse, multi-type New Jersey library community which includes public, academic, school, and special libraries.

Support for these service areas ranges from providing statewide resources and continuing education activities to offering leadership models and opportunities for innovation.

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The Lifelong Learning unit provides consultant services and technical assistance to create and improve library, information and literacy services in New Jersey. The unit administers state and federal grant funds to public libraries, coordinates resource sharing through the New Jersey Library Network, providing statewide access to a selection of databases and also sponsors continuing education opportunities.

Business & Technology Services
The Office of Business and Technology Services provides development outreach to local businesses and entrepreneurs, and workforce development assistance to their community members. The Office also makes presentations and offers training in the latest technologies to libraries, business groups and organizations.

Disaster Preparedness & Recovery
Disasters come in all shapes and sizes, from natural disasters such as floods, hurricanes, fires, and earthquakes to man-made emergencies such as chemical spills, train wrecks, and terrorist attacks. You and your staff must be prepared to respond to protect your building and collections, and to reopen the library as quickly as possible to help your community.

Diversity and Literacy
The Office of Diversity and Literacy Services provides various aspects of library development and programming in the areas of adult services, urban libraries, diversity, outreach and adult literacy, primarily for public libraries. Through partnerships and collaborative projects, the Office works with libraries and organizations on a local, regional and state level to invigorate a discussion, shine a light on the best practices, and to provide recommendations and leadership skills.

The Office drives activities that support the fundamental values and vision of the New Jersey State Library in which all New Jerseyans have access to exceptional library services and to the information resources they need to achieve their personal, education and professional goals.

Public libraries are often repositories for important local history collections and cultural artifacts that deserve attention and care. Since librarians are the stewards of these irreplaceable collections, the New Jersey State Library has assembled a number of best practices resources to help you in your preservation planning.

Training for Librarians
Programs and webinars of interest to the New Jersey library community. Continuing Education opportunities for librarians, trustees, and support staff.

Youth Services
Youth Services, a part of the State Library’s Lifelong Learning Section, provides assistance to certified librarians and library staff members who work with youth ages 0 – 18 on a wide range of topics including grant opportunities, resource sharing, best practices and readers advisory. The unit administers award programs, coordinates the annual Statewide Summer Reading Program, the annual Youth Services Forum, offers continuing education opportunities and acts as a liaison to other local, regional and statewide organizations working with youth through collaborative partnerships.

Library Support Services

The Library Support Services unit provides advisory and technical information and services to support New Jersey’s libraries in the fulfillment of their mission: law, statistics, grants, advisory services, basic training for trustees and directors, interlibrary loan, databases, Per Capita State Aid, and administration of regulations.


The New Jersey State Library has assembled a number of resources to assist you in researching and applying for grants.

The State Library also receives federal grant funds from the Institute of Museum and Library Services. The New Jersey Library Services and Technology Act (LSTA) Five-Year Plan outlines how the State uses its Federal funds in accordance with the purposes enumerated in the LSTA language.


JerseyCat is the free statewide interlibrary loan program. Member libraries can borrow books and other materials, and obtain photocopies from participating New Jersey libraries. An agreement with OCLC also allows JerseyCat members to request items from out-of-state libraries if what they need is not available in New Jersey.

Libraries can contact Casey Confoy at or call 609-278-2640 x114 in order to find out how to become a JerseyCat member.


JerseyClicks is New Jersey’s statewide, full-text database portal.  These high quality databases cover subjects such as health, history, business, education, science, current events, literature, and popular fiction. The suite also includes Informe, our Spanish language full-text database.  If you have Internet access you can search for high quality information 24 hours a day, 365 days a year by visiting your local public library or by entering your New Jersey public library card number.

Library Law

The establishment and operation of libraries in New Jersey is provided for in the state statutes. Because public libraries are supported by public tax dollars, they are subject to numerous laws and regulations. Library directors and trustees are responsible for being aware of these laws.

Per Capita State Aid

The Per Capita State Aid (PCSA) program is the largest public library grant program administered by the State Library and is the foundation of state support for public libraries.

The program is authorized pursuant to N.J.S.A. 18A:74-3 et seq. The first State Per Capita Aid Act was passed by the New Jersey Legislature in 1959. It established the principle of a partnership between local libraries and the State of New Jersey for the provision of quality library service through direct state financial support for public libraries. Its passage set a precedent that the State of New Jersey had a critical partnership role in providing quality library service for the residents of New Jersey.


The annual New Jersey Public Library Survey collects statistics for the IMLS Public Libraries Survey and for determination of eligibility for Per Capita State Aid.

Innovation & Strategic Partnerships

The Office of Innovation & Strategic Partnerships focuses on innovation and future trends, and seeks out exemplary models and technologies that can help assist the New Jersey library community in remaining relevant and essential community anchors.

To learn more, visit Innovation & Strategic Partnerships.

Communications, Marketing & Outreach

Communications, Marketing & Outreach – The New Jersey State Library is committed to educating the public about the value of libraries through public awareness campaigns, community outreach and media relations. is a marketing portal for NJ libraries. This repository of helpful and instructional marketing information, tools and resources – such as blog posts, relevant articles, tutorials, infographics, videos, and webinars – can be accessed and used on demand.

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Jersey Connect

JerseyConnect is the state-wide technology services organization and network infrastructure delivered through the New Jersey State Library. JerseyConnect offers free technology services to all public libraries in New Jersey through its statewide network infrastructure.

Service offerings for libraries include: email, email spam and virus filtering regardless of email provider, website hosting with statistics, offsite “Cloud” storage for data backup, and domain name hosting.

To learn more, visit: