NJSL + Partners Literacy Project

Year Two

Labor & Literacy Library Program

Mission Statement

To build on the success of the NJSL+ Partners Literacy project by supporting NJ Libraries as they provide assistance to their patrons seeking digital literacy skills, Adult Basic Education (ABE), English Language Learning (ELL/ESL), and job search assistance.

Benefits of Being a Labor & Literacy Library

Participating libraries:

  • Can have staff attend professional workshops covering
    • How to provide labor & literacy services to your patrons
    • Digital literacy topics to bring back to your library
    • Workforce development topics to bring back to your library
    • Marketing
    • Record keeping
    • Working with government funders
    • Tutor and instructor skills
  • Will have access to Workshops in a Box (WiaB), which are prepackaged workshops that library staff can run with minimal set up time
  • Phone and virtual support from NJSL + Partners Labor & Literacy Library team
  • Access to a large professional network made up of libraries working towards the same goal of increasing staff knowledge and providing services in the areas of digital literacy and job search assistance

How Can My Library Become a Labor & Literacy Library?


FAQ from the December 7, 2022 information session.

If your library wants to participate in the Labor & Literacy Library program:

  • Join us at a Why be a L&LL Zoom Session
    • Click here for a calendar of workshops and Register for Why be a LL&L
  • Complete a Registration Form
  • Contact us via email

Upcoming and Past Events

To register for a workshop, click the workshop link and complete the registration form. 

What’s Happening June-Septv2

Click here for workshop descriptions

Recordings of past events are available on the New Jersey State Library’s YouTube channel.

Workshops in a Box

What is a Workshop in a Box?

A Workshop in a Box (WiaB) is a prepackaged workshop covering a variety of basic skills required to utilize computers and other technology as well as skills to help job seekers return to the workforce.

Each WiaB will be facilitated once on Zoom and the Zoom session will be recorded

The Workshop in a Box “package” will include:

  • The recording of the workshop being run (for library staff to review)
  • Lesson plan and all materials needed by staff to facilitate the workshop in your library
  •  All materials needed for workshop attendees

A WiaB can be run as a one-on-one lesson or they can be run in a larger classroom setting.

Downloading a Workshop in a Box

The first Workshop in a Box, Resumes & Cover Letters will be released in April 2023. With more to follow regularly. 

Labor & Literacy Libraries will use Canvas to access all Workshop in a Box materials. If you do not have access to the Labor & Literacy Library Canvas, reach out by email.

Marketing Tools

Labor & Literacy Libraries will use Canvas to access standardized marketing tools. If you do not have access to the Labor & Literacy Library Canvas, reach out by email.

Contact Us

Contact the Labor & Literacy Library Canvas, reach out by email.

Labor & Literacy Library Program

Year One

The NJSL + Partners Literacy Project offers two models for providing literacy services in public libraries.

NJSL + Partners Literacy Project Hub + Spoke Libraries

The Hub & Spoke Libraries initiative provides uniform digital literacy training and credentialing for adult residents at literacy labs across the state.

Currently, digital literacy training and certification for adults looking to enter or advance in the workforce is a non-standardized, decentralized patchwork of disparate service providers. Due to this lack of a cohesive system, the training and credentialing which is desperately needed for New Jersey’s workforce has become non-standard, of disparate quality, and difficult to access. To address this need, the State Library has selected three “hub” libraries that will serve as regionally-based training labs, and 11 “spoke” libraries that will provide additional digital literacy support. The goal of the Hub & Spoke Libraries project is to create a standardized and replicable library-based digital literacy certification program to assist New Jersey’s workforce.

Hub and spoke libraries connect with their local Workforce Development Boards and American Job Centers, as well as other libraries in the area, to create a referral system that accounts for client intake, record keeping, and data sharing. Participants have access to free, high quality training materials, videos, classroom aides, and mini lessons. The program is facilitated by the Plainfield Public Library (PPL), and models PPL’s proven system for providing literacy programming.

Resources for participating libraries can be found here.

Success Stories

Check out Success Stories from some of our participating libraries:



NJSL + Partners Literacy Project Access Navigators

The Access Navigators project, an initiative that places a cohort of skilled trainers (Navigators) into select libraries across the state, in order to provide individualized assistance to persons seeking employment, job training, or digital competence.

The State Library has partnered with the New Jersey Library Association to launch a mobile navigator approach to digital literacy that is currently being used across the country. In order to provide individualized support to community residents to guide them from where they are, to anywhere they want to go, 12 libraries covering nine NJ counties were selected to host a cohort of skilled trainers (Navigators). The Navigators provide individualized assistance to persons seeking employment, job training, or digital competence. The program provides: training in computer-based applications; assistance with resumes and job searching; access to electronic information databases, textbooks and learning aids; and resources to teach and enhance digital literacy skills. Entrepreneurs seeking to launch their new businesses can also receive help from the Access Navigators, among other needs.

The Navigators conduct individual assessments, and assist program participants in creating a roadmap for achieving their goals. Once an individual plan is created, the Navigators guide the participant to the resources that they need to accomplish the goals defined in their plan.



Map of NJSL + Partners Locations

NJSL + Partners includes 26 libraries across 14 counties in New Jersey.  Participating locations appear in the map below:

  • Hubs – Purple
  • Spokes – Blue
  • Access Navigators – Green

This opportunity is made possible in in part with funds provided by the Institute of Museum and Library Services, administered by the New Jersey State Library, award number LS-250226-OLS-21.