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Andrea Levandowski - Project Manager for Small Business Development and Technology
Project Manager for Small Business Development & Technology

Andrea Simzak Levandowski is the Project Manager for Small Business Development and Technology in the New Jersey State Library’s Lifelong Learning Section.

Libraries are essential to the economic development of their communities through their support of small businesses, entrepreneurs, and job seekers.  By fostering partnerships with governmental, nonprofit, professional associations, and other organizations, this section seeks to enhance library services, educational opportunities, and support for businesses and individuals.  In addition, this section seeks out new and unique strategies for libraries to better position themselves as hubs for innovation and entrepreneurship.

As libraries attempt to make sense of changing technology and emerging trends, the Lifelong Learning Section provides guidance and support by focusing on projects that are impactful and sustainable.  Current interests include the intersection of business development and technology, including makerspaces.

Career Connections

In December 2015, the New Jersey Department of Labor and Workforce Development launched a partnership with the New Jersey State Library to enhance career guidance and job search assistance at public libraries throughout the state.  Nineteen libraries, including the New Jersey State Library, received New Jersey Libraries Career Connections Grants for Uniform Career Guidance and Job Search Assistance Services, which comprise an investment of $1.4 million in libraries.  Grantee libraries serve as access points for workforce services, distribute job search information, and assist job seekers in using the Career Connections digital platform.

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