For Librarians

The New Jersey State Library has compiled resources for small businesses, entrepreneurs and startups, in an effort to connect them to both people and information that can help New Jersey’s businesses grow. This is also a resource for New Jersey’s public librarians, providing services and access to information that helps you guide small business owners and entrepreneurs.

  • Core Business Collection: We know that you know that it’s important to develop relationships with small business owners and entrepreneurs in your community. To help you get there, we’ve created this toolkit as a guide to initiating and sustaining productive partnerships with local businesses. Created for librarians, by librarians, this resource is full of actionable ideas and strategies for success.
  • Marketing to Businesses Toolkit: This resource will help you reach out to your local small businesses and entrepreneurs and promote the resources and services available to them.
  • Consulting Services: Learn how best to appeal to small businesses, optimize your resources for them, and get the word out in your community.


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