Diversity and Literacy Services


Mimi Lee, Consultant for Diversity and Literacy Services
Mimi Lee, Diversity and Literacy Consultant

Mimi Lee, consultant for diversity and literacy services, provides programs and resources that support training, research and professional development in the areas of diversity, outreach and literacy primarily for public libraries in New Jersey.

The Office of Diversity and Literacy Services provides various aspects of library development and programming in the areas of adult services, urban libraries, diversity, outreach and adult literacy, primarily for public libraries. Through partnerships and collaborative projects, the Office works with libraries and organizations on a local, regional and state level to invigorate a discussion, shine a light on the best practices, and to provide recommendations and leadership skills. The Office drives activities that support the fundamental values and vision of the New Jersey State Library in which all New Jerseyans have access to exceptional library services and to the information resources they need to achieve their personal, education and professional goals.

Contact MIMI LEE

Mimi maintains open and engaged communication with libraries through e-mail, phone and on-site visits.
For more information or to request a site-visit, please email Mimi Lee at mlee@njstatelib.org.