The MentorNJ Project Team is proud to announce MentorNJ – Linking Library Staff Statewide, a new joint initiative funded by the New Jersey State Library and LibraryLinkNJ.

MentorNJ is for everyone! Our mission is to strengthen relationships in the New Jersey library community and provide an avenue for collegial collaboration and support.

Explore valuable resources for those new to the profession and the state: MentorNJ – A virtual guide to NJ Libraries provides information on consortia, local professional organizations and groups, links to New Jersey libraries’ online resources, and a guide to listservs and online forums.

It also provides a directory of people working in the New Jersey library community who have volunteered to share their experience and knowledge with any New Jersey librarian or library support staff, especially those new to the field, who could benefit from professional advice and guidance. MentorNJ makes it easy to connect to a professional who can provide relevant, useful information to help as you grow in your career.

To search for a mentor in your area of interest, simply peruse the Mentors’ Directory and reach out to one of our many mentors.

Share your experience and knowledge with other colleagues: Be a mentor! MentorNJ invites our NJ library colleagues — at all professional levels, and from all types of libraries — to participate as a mentor. Please find more information on how you can participate as a mentor:

Network with other colleagues and celebrate our profession: MentorNJ will offer an in-person networking event in 2015. Please save this date. More details will be announced soon:

  • In-person Networking Event: Friday, October 2, 2015 (1:00 pm – 4:00 pm)

Please contact us if you have any questions, and thank you for your consideration!  MentorNJ Project Team

About the MentorNJ program

The MentorNJ program seeks to provide a mentor to any New Jersey librarian or library support staff person, especially those new to the field, who could benefit from professional advice and guidance.

We are seeking mentors at all professional levels, and from all types of libraries. Currently, we are establishing a start-up directory of those wishing to volunteer as a mentor. The minimum commitment is one year.

Mentors will be able to list themselves in the directory, edit their information, and take their name permanently or temporarily off the list, as needed. Based on the professional information provided by the mentor in the directory, a potential mentee will be able to contact the individual best suited for his/her needs. Please note your email address and phone number will not be shared on the public directory; mentees will use an online form to contact you. More information is available at:

In order for this program to be a success we need you! Please fill out the mentor online form at (LibraryLinkNJ user account log-in is required):

You will be notified when the Mentors’ Directory is launched in March 2015. If you need any help with filling out the form, please contact Mi-Sun Lyu at

Your participation in the MentorNJ program will help strengthen relationships in our library community, and will provide an avenue for potential colleagues to reach their goals.



Please note: the application phase of the New Jersey State Library’s pilot Career Online High School program has ended. If we are successful in obtaining funding to extend the program into the future, we will restart the program once funding has been secured.




The New Jersey State Library launched an online high school completion program, Career Online High School, which will allow NJ residents to earn an accredited high school diploma and career certificate online, through their local library. The program is designed for NJ residents who dropped out of high school and have not returned nor taken the GED exam. Seats are limited and restrictions apply. Click here for more details!

The program is free of charge, and will be available at the following libraries:

NJ’s Career Online High School Program was made possible by a grant awarded to the New Jersey State Library from the New Jersey Department of Labor and Workforce Development (LWD).

Read more about the NJSL/LWD Literacy Innovations Grant

Read more about the NJSL/LWD Literacy Innovation Grant Application Process