Choosing an Architect for Your Construction Project

This form is designed to assist librarians in preparing to hire an architect for their library construction program.

  • Is the architect a member of the American Institute of Architects, AIA, which indicates a professional code of ethics and specific educational and experience criteria?
  • Is the architect licensed to practice in New Jersey?
  • Has the firm had prior experience with library planning, design, construction and renovation?
  • Have you visited libraries designed and constructed by the architect?
  • Who will actually design the library? Who will do the day-to-day supervision of the project? Who will be the key contact in the firm for the entire project?
  • Who is part of the regular architect’s support team? (Civil engineers, structural, mechanical, sanitary, electrical engineers, ADA compliance officer, landscape architect, interior designer, or others)?
  • Does the firm have the resources and time to complete your project?
  • If the architect has not worked with libraries, is the architect willing to learn about the needs and requirements of libraries? What efforts will the architect make to become familiar with libraries?
  • Does the architect have good listening skills?
  • How will the architect work with the staff and the public and stakeholders in your project?
  • Does the architect have good written and oral presentation skills? Have you observed an oral presentation?
  • Does the architect have the political skills necessary to listen and respond to the concerns of all the various stakeholders?
  • Is the architect flexible in meeting your needs?
  • Will the architect use additional support from the firm or hire sub consultants or subcontractors for your project?
  • Have you visited the architect’s place of business?
  • What is the firm’s design philosophy?
  • Is the architect experienced with LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design)?
  • Is the architect experienced with WELL certification standards for improving human health and well-being in public buildings?
  • What sets this architectural firm apart from the rest? Why should you choose this firm?