Per Capita State Aid

The Per Capita State Aid (PCSA) program is the largest public library grant program administered by the State Library and is the foundation of state support for public libraries.

The program is authorized pursuant to N.J.S.A. 18A:74-3 et seq. The first State Per Capita Aid Act was passed by the New Jersey Legislature in 1959. It established the principle of a partnership between local libraries and the State of New Jersey for the provision of quality library service through direct state financial support for public libraries. Its passage set a precedent that the State of New Jersey had a critical partnership role in providing quality library service for the residents of New Jersey.

General Information

Data Year 2020 (Payment October 2021 – SFY2022)

Data Year 2019 (Payment October 2020 – SFY2021)

Data Year 2018 (Payment October 2019 – SFY2020)

Data Year 2017 (Payment October 2018 – SFY2019)

Data Year 2016 (Payment October 2017 – SFY2018)

Data Year 2015 (Payment October 2016 – SFY2017)

Data Year 2014 (Payment October 2015 – SFY2016)

Data Year 2013 (Payment October 2014 – SFY2015)

Data Year 2012 (Payment October 2013 – SFY2014)

Data Year 2011 (Payment October 2012 – SFY2013)

Data Year 2010 (Payment October 2011 – SFY2012)

Data Year 2009 (Payment October 2010 – SFY2011)