National Preservation Initiatives

National Archives and Records Administration

The National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) is the nations record keeper and maintains an extensive resources website with links to conservation treatments, technical information, emergency preparedness and recovery, environmental and housing conditions and recommendations, and more.

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A Public Trust at Risk: Heritage Health Index Report of the State of America’s Collections

The first comprehensive survey to assess the condition and preservation needs of US collections. Provides an excellent opportunity for institutions to educate governing boards, local and state decision-makers, and community funders about the preservation of collections.

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Connecting to Collections

The IMLS-supported Heritage Health Index published in 2005, made clear that our collections of objects, documents, digital material, and living collections are not only essential to Americas cultural health, but that they are imperiled and in need of swift action. This initiative intends to raise public awareness of the importance of collections care, underscoring the fact that our nations collections are an essential part of the American story. The New Jersey State Library, partnering with the New Jersey State Archives, New Jersey State Museum, and Newark Museum was awarded a 2008 Connecting to Collections grant for $40,000 to prepare a statewide, cross institutional preservation needs assessment.

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Heritage Preservation

Heritage Preservation is working to save the objects that embody our history, partnering with conservators, museums, civic groups, and concerned individuals across the nation who care about preserving our past. Heritage Preservation helps museums, libraries, and individuals with the best preservation advice from professional conservators through their series of Caring books.

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Library of Congress Preservation

The Library of Congress has a strong outreach program and provides information about preservation to the Congress, government agencies, other libraries, both national and international, and to the general public.

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Conservation Bookshelf

Made possible with a grant from IMLS Connecting to Collections. The collection is comprised of books, bibliographies, a guide to on-line resources, DVDs, and other high-quality materials, available through the New Jersey State Library.

American Association for State and Local History

Your home for State and Local History. The AASLH provides leadership, service, and support for its members, who preserve and interpret state and local history in order to make the past more meaningful in American Society.

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