Statewide Services

BookshelvesThe New Jersey State Library continues to evolve to meet the changing technological needs of New Jersey’s diverse community of learners. Through a suite of statewide offerings, we enabling direct and remote access to information and library services across the state in areas of continuing need.

We strive to create lifelong learning opportunities that strengthen our communities and enrich the lives of our users through equal access to information.


JerseyCat is the free statewide interlibrary loan program. Member libraries can borrow books and other materials, and obtain photocopies from participating New Jersey libraries. Click here to learn more.


JerseyClicks is New Jersey’s statewide, full-text electronic resource portal. The State Library subscribes to a number of databases/electronic resources for the use of all citizens of the state. These electronic resources may be accessed via or through local New Jersey library websites.

Statewide Resource Centers for Libraries

The New Jersey State Library currently holds contracts with the Newark Public Library and the Rutgers University Library to supplement the resources of New Jersey libraries in certain areas. The State Library funds usage of this additional service so that all libraries in the state and all their customers have access to the specialized materials and reference services available at these institutions. Learn more…


JerseyConnect is the state-wide technology services organization and network infrastructure delivered through the New Jersey State Library. JerseyConnect is a combination of state-of-the-art infrastructure and applications enabling the programs and projects that help libraries meet their constituents’ changing needs.

NJSL Direct

A marketing portal for New Jersey libraries. NJSL Direct provides access to helpful marketing resources and tools designed to help NJ libraries educate their communities about library resources that are available at no additional cost to the user, and the opportunities they create.