ReferenceUSA Webinar Schedule

ReferenceusaReferenceUSA has produced an all NEW set of interactive training webinars to showcase ReferenceUSA to both patrons and librarians.  Please use these registration links to create better exposure to your electronic resource, ReferenceUSA, and to learn more about how businesses, students, researchers, and libraries are utilizing this great tool for the betterment of their business, school, or personal research.

Search Essentials

Wednesdays – 11 a.m.

Designed for anyone new to using our database, this session will cover all the basics of getting started with ReferenceUSA.


Job Seeking: Career Search Strategies

Thursdays – 11 a.m.

Attendees will learn how to use ReferenceUSA as part of their career searching strategy.


Entrepreneurship: Research for Starting, Managing, and Growing Businesses

Tuesdays – 11 a.m.

Entrepreneurs and business owners will learn how to use ReferenceUSA to find the mission-critical information to start, manage, and grow a business.


A Librarian’s Introduction to ReferenceUSA

Mondays – 11 a.m.

We want to ensure your staff is prepared by delivering as much training and instruction as they need.  Register and join us for any of the webinars or send us a request for staff training for your specific organization.