Slavery and Emancipation Laws in 19th Century New Jersey

Thank you everyone for joining me yesterday for our first annual Juneteenth Celebration at the New Jersey State Library.  I hope you enjoyed our lecture on Slavery and Emancipation Laws in 19th Century New Jersey.

I wanted to pass along some useful online and print resources used to prepare this lecture, in addition to some general Juneteenth resources.  I will make the slide deck from the lecture available on the Genealogy Research Guide.

Links and Resources for Slavery and Emancipation Laws in 19th Century New Jersey:

Princeton University Legislating Slavery in New Jersey

Rutgers University The Law of Slavery in New Jersey: An Annotated Bibliography

Slavery in New Jersey

Published Text of the Hornblower Decision (see especially p. 5-6)

New Jersey State Archives Early Land Records Database (under ethnicity select African American to see items related to African Americans in this Collection)

New Jersey State Archives New Jersey Supreme Court Case Files Database (under ethnicity select African American.  A Writ of Habeas Corpus was the mechanism used to bring slaves before the Supreme Court to hopefully get them manumitted.  Many of the cases involving African Americans, especially from 1775-1804 involve a Writ of Habeas Corpus.)

New Jersey State Archives Hunterdon County Manumissions (digital collection)

New Jersey State Archives Burlington County Slave Births (digital collection)

New Jersey State Archives Bureau of Archives and History (BAH) Manuscripts (use CTRL + F to search Finding Aid for “slave”, “slavery”, or “slaves”)

New Jersey Slavery and the Law by Gary K. Wolinetz

Legal Executions in New Jersey 1691-1936 by Daniel Allen Hearn (Somerset County failed slave revolt hanging is on p. 9-10, only source seems to be below newspaper articles)

Extracts from American Newspapers Relating to New Jersey (Somerset County failed slave revolt articles are in Volume I p. 333, p. 334-337, and p. 340-342)

The Ragged Road to Abolition by James J. Gigantino II (see especially Chapter 9, Debating Slavery’s End)

Root and Branch:  African Americans in New York and East Jersey 1613-1863 by Graham Russell Hodges

Juneteenth Links:

What is Juneteenth? By Henry Louis Gates 

Juneteenth: The Birth of an African American Holiday

History of Juneteenth

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