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Start, Manage, and Grow your Business with ReferenceUSA

Join us to hear Thomas Pridell from InfoGroup discuss how ReferenceUSA logoReferenceUSA can help you target new customers, research competitors, and gain competitive advantage by leveraging targeted information to cultivate your business growth.  Catered to the business community, this program teaches business owners how to identify their vertical market & generate sales leads based on what community is most likely to buy their products and services.  Other concepts are taught through the database like competitive analysis, market research, and varying outreach methods to attract new customers.

ReferenceUSA is a one-stop resource for all things business.  ReferenceUSA’s collection of 10 databases include: U.S. Businesses, U.S. New Businesses, U.S. Historical Businesses, U.S. Jobs/Internships, U.S. New Movers/Homeowners, U.S. Healthcare, U.S. Consumers/Lifestyles, U.S. Standard White Pages, Canadian Businesses and Canadian White Pages.

ReferenceUSA is available to all New Jersey residents through JerseyClicks and your public library.


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ReferenceUSA Program Recap

ReferenceUSA logo

Thank you to Bill Loges from ReferenceUSA for showcasing many of the features available through ReferenceUSA aimed at people starting or trying to grow their own business.

The U.S. Business database allows you to search for businesses by a host of different parameters, including business types, geography, and business size among others.  A great feature to help pinpoint marketing opportunities or help in market research for a certain industry is the Map Based Search, where you can get immediate business listings based on radius from a central location, along a certain route, or through free-drawn boundaries.

The U.S. Consumers/Lifestyles database allows you to search for potential customers through a variety of parameters, including geography and lifestyle attributes.

Results from both the Business and Customer databases can be viewed and downloaded for free; however, if you would like to narrow down results in the Customer database by Consumer Snapshot limits, such as age, gender, income, etc., you will need to pay for that data.

For more information about the power of ReferenceUSA, please visit their Learning Center for videos, webinars, and learning guides at http://resource.referenceusa.com/learning-center/?domain=www.referenceusa.com&accountId=3635.

Useful New Jersey Genealogy Electronic Resources at the New Jersey State Library

Thank you all who were able to attend yesterday’s Useful New Jersey Genealogy Electronic Resources class!  I had a great time showing you how to find resources on the State Library website and highlighting some research strategies in Ancestry and Family Search.  Remember, most of the resources we looked at are completely accessible to you from home or your office.  In our discussion, we reviewed:

  1. How to access and search the State Library’s catalog.
  2. How to access and search the City Directory catalog (pdf file, use CTRL+F to search the document)
  3. How to find the State Library’s Genealogy Databases
  4. Using the “New Collections” function in Ancestry to sharpen your search results. (The State Library’s Ancestry subscription is only available for in-house use.)
  5. Using the “Catalog” function on Family Search to sharpen your search results
  6. Reviewing the Newspapers Research Guide, where the State Library’s complete newspaper holdings are listed.
  7. Reviewing the Genealogy Research Guide, which includes overviews of the State Library’s collections, the State Archives’ collections, and County Offices’ holdings, plus guides and handouts.

I’ve posted the handout distributed during class on the Genealogy Research Guide for anyone interested.  Look for additional Genealogy classes as part of the Lunchtime Learning series starting this autumn. Have a wonderful summer, everyone!