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Research Library Spotlight: Information for New Jersey Voters


The State Library is here to help you find information you need to vote in New Jersey!  A great place to start is the Voter Resources: New Jersey Research Guide available on the State Library’s website.  This resource includes information about upcoming elections in New Jersey, how to find your elected officials, links to absentee ballots for non-permanent residents of New Jersey, and additional voter resources for U.S. Citizens.  For more information on voting in New Jersey, please keep reading!

Who Can Register to vote?

To register in New Jersey, you must be:

  • A United States citizen
  • At least 17 years old, though you may not vote until you have reached the age of 18
  • A resident of the county for 30 days before the election
  • A person NOT currently serving a sentence, probation, or parole because of a felony conviction

The registrant must complete a Voter Registration Application and/or Party Affiliation Form.  Paper forms are available at the Law Library Reference Desk, or online.  Mail or deliver the Voter Registration Application and/or Party Affiliation Form to the County Commissioner of Registration or Superintendent of Elections for your county.

The registration deadline to vote is 21 days prior to Election Day (October 15, 2019 this year, general election date is November 5). 

If you are in college, you have the option to register from your college address or your home address. There are good reasons for registering and voting at either residence, but keep in mind, the final choice is yours.

You may check to see if you are already registered to vote or for your polling place.  You may also find your election officials by county or volunteer as a poll worker.

What about Returning Citizens?

If you are no longer serving a sentence, or no longer on parole or probation…, you CAN vote in NJ by completing a new voter registration form. If you have any questions, contact your County Commissioner of Registration.

What about if you are in the military?

There is an entire webpage of information for military voters in New Jersey or from New Jersey.

You will receive a sample ballot about 1 week before the election that will indicate where your polling place is or you can use our polling place locator.

Is vote by mail available?

Yes, you can vote by mail.  The link provides complete information, including where to contact your county specifically.

Do I need to show identification when I vote?

If you did not provide identification to the county commissioner of registration or if the identification information could not be verified (i.e., your driver’s license number or the last four digits of your social security number), YOU MAY BE ASKED TO SHOW IDENTIFICATION AT THE POLLING PLACE WHEN YOU GO TO VOTE.

Identification may include, but is not limited to, any current and valid photo ID:

NJ driver’s license, military or other government ID, student or job ID, store membership card, United States passport, bank statement, car registration, government check or document, non-photo NJ driver’s license, rent receipt, sample ballot, utility bill, or any other official document. If you show identification, you will vote in the voting machine.

What are my rights as a voter in New Jersey?

New Jersey has a webpage dedicated to explaining your voter rights.    This information is in English, Spanish, Arabic, Brazilian Portuguese, Gujarati, Hindi, Korean, Portuguese, Punjabi, Simplified Chinese, and Traditional Chinese.


SLIC staff at the Reference Desk and Law Library are happy to answer any additional questions you may have about voting in New Jersey.  For more information please contact us.

eBooks and Audiobooks @NJSL

Enjoy reading eBooks or digital audiobooks?  State employees and Thomas Edison State University (TESU) staff, students and mentors may use their New Jersey State Library Card to access over 21,000 fiction and non-fiction digital books for free via eLibraryNJ, a collection shared by many library systems in New Jersey, including the State Library.  Public users may check the member list to see if their local public library is part of eLibraryNJ.  If yes, you may use your public library card to access the same collection of books.

The eLibraryNJ collection includes:

  • Bestselling works (Fiction and Non-Fiction)
  • Popular authors
  • Young Adult Fiction
  • Book series

You may browse selections from both the eBook and audiobook collection online without checking out or reading any items.


In order to read our eBooks or audiobooks in eLibraryNJ, download the Libby app to your phone, tablet or other device.  Wondering if your device is compatible? Check the device profiles.








If you have any problems with the Libby app, OverDrive’s help page is a fantastic resource with detailed videos, images, and clear instructions to assist in resolving issues.










If State Library authorized users need further assistance, please feel free contact the Reference Department. Public users should reach out to their local library.

We hope you enjoy our offerings via eLibraryNJ!

Are you looking for eReference resources?  Read on to learn about the State Library’s eBook Reference Collection!

The New Jersey State Library has an extensive collection of reference eBooks and reference databases that provide information on a wide range of topics.  Visitors to the library may access Reference eBooks onsite; however, remote access to eReference materials is restricted to State Library authorized users: state employees and, unless otherwise noted, Thomas Edison State University staff, students and mentors. Authorized users needing a State Library access card, should complete the appropriate online registration form.

Four Ways to Access NJSL Reference eBooks:

NJSL Research GuideReference Online and in Print  is an introduction to the New Jersey State Library’s print and electronic Reference Collection.   The guide, which is accessible from the State Library’s Research Guides page, provides direct links to Reference eBooks and Reference databases.

New Jersey State Library catalog – All New Jersey State Library Reference eBook titles are cataloged. Use Advanced Search, enter your keyword term and limit your search to the Books-Electronic collection.

eBooks on EBSCOhost – This database of over 15,600 eBooks, includes a growing number of Reference eBooks. To identify Reference eBooks, use the Browse Category

Reference eBook Databases: Salem Press Online & Gale Virtual Reference Library (GVL)
are Reference eBook databases.  Patrons may search for reference resources and download .pdf copies of materials without having to use their library card to checkout.

Salem Press Online, which is accessible from the Research Library Databases page offers access to reference materials published by Salem Press and Greystone on health, science, social science, American history, and business.  Available content includes:

  • Magill’s Medical Guide
  • The Historical Encyclopedia of American Business
  • Defining Documents in American History: Eras
  • Defining Documents in American History: Themes, Great Events from History, Opinions Throughout History, Milestone Documents, and Principles of Business, Science, and Sociology

Gale Virtual Reference Library (GVRL) is a collection of over 100 premier reference eBooks covering business, education, the environment, history, medicine, religion, science and social science. Available content includes:

  • Business Plans Handbooks    (series)
  • Encyclopedia of Global Warming and Climate Change
  • Everyday Finance: Economics
  • Gale Encyclopedia of Medicine
  • Gale Encyclopedia of Nursing and Allied Health
  • Personal Money Management and Entrepreneurship
  • West’s Encyclopedia of American Law


The New Jersey State Library offers thousands of free eResources for research or recreation.  We hope you find our digital items useful and are happy to help you navigate them if you need assistance.  Please contact us at the Reference Department for any questions.



It’s Tax Season!

Our new Constitution is now established, and has an appearance that promises permanency; but in this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes. — Benjamin Franklin, in a letter to Jean-Baptiste Leroy, 1789

Research Library SpotlightThe federal tax season began on January 28, 2019. This year’s deadline for filing both federal and NJ individual state tax returns is April 15th.

While taxes may be one of the few things considered certain, the same cannot be said for tax forms. In 2018, Congress passed the Tax Cut and Jobs Act, which is the biggest change to the tax system in decades. Because of this legislation, the 2018 tax forms will be distinctly different than what you are used to seeing.   The 1040EZ and 1040A forms have been eliminated entirely, and the 1040 has gotten a complete makeover.

The new form 1040 is much smaller—about a half page in size, double sided. In addition to the 1040 form, there are six new numbered schedules. Some previous schedules, such as Schedule A, are still valid. The 116 page 1040 Instructions include a great deal of information, including a helpful “What’s New” section on page six.

New 1040 for for 2018 Federal Taxes

The IRS has created a Q&A section on their website that provides information on the new forms and how to use them.

A handy resource that addresses many common questions or concerns regarding filing federal tax returns is the IRS Services Guide. It includes a list of free options to turn to in order to find help in preparing a return.

As always, the New Jersey State Library has federal tax forms and instructions available.

All New Jersey state tax forms are available online. If you need help finding and/or printing any tax forms, our librarians are happy to help. For assistance with preparing New Jersey tax returns, there is a list of free tax assistance locations on the NJ 211 website.

Meet the New Jersey State Library

Research Library Spotlight“I didn’t know you offered that,” is a common reaction from patrons who hear about the programs and services offered by the New Jersey State Library.  We are committed to providing top quality information services to state employees, Thomas Edison State University (TESU) students and staff, and members of the public.  Highlighted below are some of the State Library’s most popular resources, just in time for the New Year!

Our friendly staff at the Circulation Desk are happy to sign you up for a library card  

Get a Library Card:

A New Jersey State Library card gives all users the ability to check out books frocirculating collections and access our public computers.  Users may also access the library catalog and place holds or renew library materials from home.  State employees may request that holds are delivered to their offices.  State employees and Thomas Edison State University staff and students may also use their library cards to access electronic databases remotely and use the eBook collection.  The NJSL Library Card is free for state employees, TESU students and staff, and New Jersey residents.

Borrow Materials:

From other libraries via ILLiad.  Need a copy of an article or book that is not in the State Library’s collection?  State employees, TESU staff and TESU students may use ILLiad, the State Library’s interlibrary loan system to request these materials.

Conduct research using electronic databases:

The State Library has over 200 research databases available for use, covering a variety of topics, including law, health, science, medicine, government, and business.  Anyone may come to the State Library to access these resources on our public computers.  State employees and TESU staff and students may access certain resources remotely with their library cards.  Not sure which database to search?  Utilize the Start Your Research box on the library’s home page.

Our Test Book Collection is on the 4th Floor near the Reference Desk

Prepare for a New Jersey Civil Service exam with our test books:

The State Library maintains a collection of over 1200 National Learning Corporation exam prep guides.  While the test books are not specific to New Jersey Civil Service titles, they are an excellent tool to help prepare for many exams issued by the Civil Service Commission.

Enjoy reading eBooks on your phone or computer:

State employees and TESU staff may borrow eBooks and audiobooks from eLibraryNJ and from EBSCO eBooks.  Over 13,000 popular fiction and non-fiction titles are available via eLibraryNJ and over 15,000 non-fiction titles are available via EBSCO eBooks.  Install the free Libby app to check out books from eLibraryNJ.  EBSCO eBooks can be downloaded to your device directly in PDF or ePub format.

David Price presents an Author Talk, part of our free series of lectures and programs.

Learn something new with free classes and programs:

The State Library offers free in-house programming on a variety of subjects through our NJSL Presents and Author Talk series.  Keep up with the latest scheduled events via the Upcoming Events calendar on the Library’s homepage.


Do you have a reference or research question?

The Reference Department and Law Library are happy to help in person, via phone, text, or e-mail!  Please contact us to help with your question, or to learn more about the State Library’s collections and resources.  We look forward to hearing from you!