Using DNA Results to Solve Genealogical Mysteries Program Recap

Thank you to all of those who made our National Family History Month programming a HUGE success.  We ended the month on look toward the future of genealogical research thanks to a presentation by Joseph Klett, Director of the New Jersey State Archives, on using’s DNA feature.  Topics covered included:

  • The logistics and fees of the test, including managing multiple individual’s test results
  • A breakdown of the test results including a discussion on autosomal DNA testing and how the amount of centimorgans can indicate familial relationships
  • Connecting with other members who share common DNA lineages
  • How to apply the DNA results and new connections to current genealogical research inquiries

This session was recorded so please check back for a link to the recording once it has been edited and formatted.  If you do not have an Ancestry account, you can use Ancestry Library Edition for free by visiting the New Jersey State Library or the New Jersey State Archives in person.  You can also check your local public library for access to Ancestry.  Please visit to learn more about Ancestry’s DNA testing.

If you have any questions regarding genealogy, please visit our Genealogy Research Guide, contact our Genealogy Librarian Regina Fitzpatrick, or the New Jersey State Archives.

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