Career Connections Presents – Volunteering: A Doorway to Employment

Thanks to those who attended Career Connections Presents – Volunteering: A Doorway to Employment!  During the presentation, we discussed how volunteering might be a valuable addition to standard job searching activities.

Volunteering gives you the opportunity to:

  • Expand your social circles and create more networking opportunities
    • These networking opportunities can lead you to potential job openings, within or outside the volunteer organization, and have your supervisor serve as a professional reference
  • Learn new and develop existing skills, such as customer service, project planning, communication, or problem solving
  • Learn more about a specific job or field that you are interested in to determine if you should commit your time to pursuing a new career
  • Add work experience to your resume to demonstrate the necessary skills you will need in a new job or help fill in gaps of employment to show that you are motivated and active

Are you interested in finding a volunteer position and are not sure where to start?  The Governor’s Office on Volunteerism can link you to volunteer agencies who are looking to recruit.  In addition the New Jersey Career Connections website has a listing of volunteer organization websites or search engines designed to help connect you with a great volunteer position.  If you need additional assistance locating a great volunteer position, please contact the New Jersey State Library Reference Department at 609-278-2640 x103.